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2015 Wholesale Catalog Master Product Index

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Item CategoryCatalog Page
Acrylic Awards267-330
Acrylic Display Cases151
Acrylic Plaques & Plates311-328
Acrylic Sheets Covers80
Acrylic, Sublimatable72-73
Alamar Bases370-375
Aluminum Engraving Stock23
Aluminum Inserts28
Aluminum, Sublimatable25, 63
Assembled Trophies458-459
Back Drops330
Badge Findings22
Bamboo Plaques95
Barhill Plaques119-131
Baseball Holders151, 469, 610, 612
Bases & Lids, Plastic324-334
Bases & Lids, Wood346-352
Basketball Holders151
Bbq Sets149
Black Marble Finish Plaques91-92, 97, 99
Black Marble, Bases379, 393-395
Brass Engraving Stock23, 26
Brass Key Rings43-45
Brass Plaque Plates36-40
Brass Plated Steel Eng Stock23, 26
Brass Sport Balls463
Business Card Cases50
Cap Nuts2-3
Cast Aluminum Plaques142-143
Certificates And Holders114-115
Check Rings2
Chenille Letter Insignias338
Cherry Finish Plaques91-97
Chrome Trays154-155
Clocks, Acrylic117
Clocks, Components113
Clocks, Marble176-177
Clocks, Plaques113, 171
Clocks, Wood Desk168, 177
Columns, Plastic Extrusions380-391
Columns, Wood380-381
Completed Plaques117-141
Copper Fusion Frames112
Corner Shaper And Dies9
Crystal Awards195-226
Crystal Collegiate & Cubes208-209
Crystal Sport Balls207
Crystal Vases402-406
Cup Bases, Wood392-398
Cup Bases, Marble380
Cups, Metal399-449
Cups, Plastic450-457
Desk Accessories166-183
Desk Wedges (Name Blocks)175, 397
Die Cast Metal Plaque Mounts83
Die Cut Discs & Plates28
Display Cases For Balls151
Domed Mylars362-363
Dog Tags339
Eagles, Large Resin501-517
Eagle Plaque Castings83
Engraving Table Tape4-5
Engraving Tools10-11
Extrusion, Plastic Columns381-391
Felt Dots4
Figures, Trophy460-500
Fire Dept Plaque Castings82-83
Flag Hologram Mylars367
Flags & Cases150
Flashlighs, Laserable49
Flexibrass By Rowmark12
Foam Pouches80
Frames, Alder Wood111
Frames, Resin Sport110
Frames, Rosewood, Ebony111
Gavels & Accessories144-146
Gavels, Plaques144
Glass Awards184-206
Glass Art Sculptures158-165
Glass Crescent Awards201
Glass Iceberg Awards205
Glass, Sublimatable75
Item CategoryCatalog Page
High Relief Medals340-359
Inovative Plastics13-21
Insert Holders, Plastic90, 488-489
Insert Holders, Medals356-359
JRS Frames21
Key Chains45-49
Knives, Laserable48
Laserable Flashlights49
Laserable Pens & Cases44-45
Laserable Plaques Plates29-44
Laserable Pocket Knives48
Laserable Travel Mugs46-47
Laserable Sheets, Metal23-26
Luggage Tags64-65
Magnetic Badge Attachments22
Manga Medals337
Marble Cup Bases380
Marble Desk Accessories176-177
Marble Finish Plaques91-100
Marble For Trophies378-379
Marbleized Brass & Steel26
Medal Boxes342
Medals, Stock340-355
Metal Cups399-449
Metal Figures464
Mugs,Ceramic & Pewter78-79, 156
Mugs, Sublimatable78-79
Mylar Inserts359-369
Nails, Cone Or Domed Head3
Neck Ribbons331-335
Oak Finish Plaques99
Oxidation Solution6
Pens And Pen Cases44-45
Perpetual Plaques113, 130-141
Perpetual Plates27-29
Piano Finish, Desk Accessories168-175
Pin Ribbon Drapes332, 334
Piano Finish Plaques106-109
Plaque Boxes80
Plaque Castings82-83
Plaque Mounts84-89
Plaque Plates, Acrylic112
Plaque Plates, Metal28-43
Plaque Screws & Hardware2-3
Plaque Trim, Plastic90
Plaques, Acrylic112, 311-328
Plaques, Alder Wood95
Plaques, Bamboo95
Plaques, Scroll109
Plaques, Particle Board91-101
Plaques, Walnut104-105
Plaques, Walnut Veneer102-103
Plastic Engraving Material12-20
Plastic Extrusion Columns380-391
Plastic Figures & Trim460-500
Plastic Trophy Bases370-377
Plastic Certificate Frame114
Precision Walnut Plaques102-103
Resin Figures501-634
Revere Bowls156
Ribbons, Stock Design336
Ribbons, Drape & Neck331-335
Ribbons, Sport331
Risers, Medal449
Risers, Plastic487, 490-499
Rods, Zinc Plated2
Rosette Ribbons336
Rosettes, Plaque3
Round Wood Turnings380-381
Self-Adhesive Slide-In Frames81
Sheer, Plastic/Metal, Equip7-11
Shield Plaques & Plates102-105
Silver Trays152-154
Slide-In Plaque Frames115-116
Snap Clip Ribbons334-335
Sublimation Aluminum26, 63
Sublimation Equipment52-62
Sublimation Inks53
Sublimation Mugs78-79
Sublimation Paper53
Sublimation Plaques69, 101
Sublimation Supplies63-79
Tiles, Sublimatable71
Topload Photo Sleeves80
Trophy Figures460-500
Trophy Marble378-379
Unisub Products63-69
Value Plaques92-94
Walnut Cup Bases396-397
Walnut Plaques103-105
Wedges, Desk175, 397
Wine Cooler,Silver156
Wine Gift Sets And Accessories147-148
Wood Pens & Cases44-45
Wood Trophy Columns380-381
Z Plaque Plates34
ZA Plaque Plates42